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The Original Architects Of The "Blended Search" Model For Business.

iCall Marketing has been in operations for almost 10 years helping our clients get more leads from search engines (PPC & SEO). What makes us different from other agencies is we care about what you care about…right traffic. While everyone is chasing down new tactics and ideas, we only focus on what works.

Right now, in 2023 search engines provides the best ROI for any type of business if done correctly. We don’t waste our time or your money, we know what works having done all types of ads from google to bing to Tik Tok & Facebook.

What we have done is perfected our process that combines Google PPC ads with SEO (organic ads). Our process helps our customers dominate the search engine which then gives our clients the best possible chance to generate quality traffic and quality leads that turns into high value sales for your business.

Search Marketing Agency

iCall Marketing is a premium search engine marketing agency that provides top-notch digital advertising solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to transform and master your brand message, and set new standards in the world of promotion. Our focus is on maximising your ROI, creating measurable results, and being committed to your success.

As pioneers of the "blended search" approach in UK local marketing, iCall Marketing provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools to help them succeed in the digital marketplace. Learn more about us to get started today.

Our Clients Get More Business From Search

We’re not here to bill you for busy work, we’re here to help you land big business, and that’s exactly what we do for our clients. But don’t just take our word for it, we’ll let the results speak for themselves.

Built a brilliant new website improving our PPC results saving 50 percent in marketing spend and generating 50% more in sales. Alison Law’s case requests increased by 2x.

Alison Law


Increase in leads in six months

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Is Your Website Is Costing You Cases?

Is Your Website Is Costing You Cases?

Find out how many new cases your website SHOULD be getting through our Traffic Projection Analysis.

A data driven analysis that accurately forecasts how much traffic (and cases) your website should be getting from Google each month.