6 Effective Strategies and Campaigns for B2B Lead Generation

6 Effective Strategies and Campaigns for B2B Lead Generation

X Effective Strategies and Campaigns for B2B Lead Generation

6 Effective Strategies and Campaigns for B2B Lead Generation

Are you one of those looking for fresh ways to attract potential customers for your B2B company?

The research found that 61% of marketers consider lead generation their topmost challenge.

Generating leads can be daunting. It involves experimenting with various approaches and then focusing on the lead generation campaigns that yield the best results for your business. This comprehensive guide has compiled ten effective B2B lead generation strategies proven to work in 2023.


The Best Lead Generation Strategies You Should Try This 2023 

  • Don’t miss out on potential leads on your landing page

Did you know that 81% of marketers agree that interactive content is more effective in capturing people’s attention than static content?

When visitors land on your page, you must act quickly to capture their interest. Eye-catching headlines, clear calls-to-action, and impactful statistics can help, but pop-up boxes are even more effective.

You compel prospects to engage with your content by incorporating a pop-up contact box on your landing page. Even if they choose to close the pop-up, their attention is still directed toward your site instead of other distractions. That’s the worst-case scenario.

The best-case scenario? You capture leads’ email addresses effortlessly by including a subscription entry form in a pop-up box.

  • Uncover valuable insights with surveys

Surveys aren’t just for measuring customer satisfaction; they’re also invaluable for generating B2B leads. If your customers are frustrated about delays in reaching a representative, addressing the issue solely within the customer service department won’t cut it.

Take a holistic approach to enhance communication and ensure leads always get on time. Explore various avenues for improvement: deploy a chatbot, leverage email automation, or consider expanding your workforce. By examining your company, you can simultaneously tackle problems for existing and prospective clients.

  • Get the power of buyer reviews on your side

No matter how sincere your lead generation strategy is, potential buyers will always trust the opinions of fellow buyers more than they trust you. When it comes to the B2B lead generation process, influential individuals are seeking out buyer reviews. In fact, a staggering 95% of consumers admit to reading reviews before making a purchase, and 94% have admitted to avoiding businesses with negative reviews.

Given the significant impact that reviews have on lead engagement, ensuring they exist in the first place is crucial. Nowadays, having no reviews can be just as damaging as having negative ones. Make it a regular part of your sales and lead generation process to ask for feedback, reviews, and testimonials.

When you’ve built a long-term relationship with a client, they are usually more than willing to provide a testimonial. Capitalise on these positive reviews by prominently showcasing them in your marketing materials, attracting new opportunities for your business.

  • Experiment and improve with A/B testing

Don’t fret if your marketing and outreach efforts don’t hit the bullseye right from the start. Most companies face the same challenge. This is where A/B tests come into play. Try out different formats, colours, and messages on your webpage and marketing materials to discover what grabs the most attention.

B2B contacts may search for top-notch products and individuals with unique (and sometimes quirky) preferences. Even a seemingly minor change, like altering a button, can significantly impact visitor engagement, ultimately boosting your B2B lead generation rates. All you need to do is keep track of the numbers and identify what works best.

Examples of success stories are plentiful. In 2007, the Obama campaign experienced an 18.6% increase in donation rates simply by changing their “Sign Up Now” button to “Learn More.” By following the data, you can uncover the power of subtle adjustments that make a world of difference.

  • Discover the art of social selling like a pro

Social media is more comprehensive than companies targeting B2C consumers. With more businesses embracing the world of social selling, B2B lead generation now extends to building connections with other companies on various platforms.

Chances are, you’re already active on LinkedIn (and if you’re not, it’s high time you join the fun: 55% of decision-makers use LinkedIn to assess other companies). But why stop there? Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook offer fantastic opportunities for your team to engage in unique and casual B2B lead generation and interaction. By showcasing your company’s appeal on social media, you catch the attention of entertained scrollers and attract other businesses that recognize your marketing prowess.

  • Make sure your content shines on mobile devices

Did you know that 40% of consumers will switch to a competitor’s site if they have a poor mobile experience? That’s a startling fact, and it should be more than enough to motivate you to optimise your content for mobile viewing. But let me share a few more numbers that might convince you:

  • A staggering 73% of mobile searches result in additional action and conversation.
  • In 2021, mobile commerce accounted for 23% of online sales.
  • Surprisingly, only 35% of businesses have a mobile-optimised website.

Now, that last statistic is worth paying attention to. If customers are actively noticing which companies prioritise mobile optimization, and yet only 35% of businesses have taken that step, your company has a wide-open opportunity to significantly impact traffic and B2B lead generation. 

Final thoughts

Lead generation is a puzzle with various solutions. The strategies we’ve shared in this guide have been tested by our lead generation agency and they’ve all delivered impressive results.

However, it’s ismportant to remember that lead generation is just the beginning. Once you’ve gathered those valuable leads using these proven strategies, the next step is to nurture them and transform them into loyal customers. The real magic happens when you can establish long-lasting relationships with your newfound leads.

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