How to Use Paid Search Intelligence and Outperform Your Competitors?

How to Use Paid Search Intelligence and Outperform Your Competitors?

How to Use Paid Search Intelligence and Outperform Your Competitors

How to Use Paid Search Intelligence and Outperform Your Competitors?

Outperforming your competitors doesn’t mean that you are neglecting other things in your business but driving perfectionism. It only means that you need a competitive advantage and want your business to be one of the highest profit earners in the industry – I mean, who doesn’t? More so, having a competitive advantage allows you to attract more customers and develop quality brand awareness. This is especially true since 64% of consumers globally want to not just buy but also communicate with the brands they purchase. 

Now, to outperform your competitors with a fair fight, utilising remarkable digital marketing strategies like paid search intelligence is vital. Here’s how you can use the latter and stand out in the industry. 


  • Recognize industry competitors and compare your performance using Google Auction Insights

Auction insights is a feature in Google Ads that allows you to see how your ads perform in comparison to your competitor’s ads in the same auction. The performance metrics you can see here include things like impression share, average position, and ad frequency.

Once you have the opportunity to compare these insights, you can get a better understanding of where you stand in the industry, your pain points, and the things you need to improve to outperform your competitors. 

But before you use Google auction insights to compare your business’ performance against your competitors in real time, it’s essential to identify the contenders first. So, you can get an accurate report which is crucial to long-term success.


  • Take advantage of keyword research

Paid search intelligence also known as PSI, is a tool that businesses use to improve their advertising campaigns and increase their return on investment (ROI). This tool can give your business the edge to succeed in the world of digital advertising – if used right. But how do you do that? This is where keyword research comes in. Keyword research involves identifying all-important keywords to your niche, including the priority keywords of your competitors. Once you do, you can combine both of them to enhance your ad campaigns or website SEO content

  • Compare and do better

This is self-explanatory but since you’re already here, let’s see why. Comparing your ad to the competition allows you to research more, create ad extensions, and understand how they do it – particularly the major ones. Then, do it better by writing improved ad copies so you’re the one who will win the hearts of potential clients.

  • Figure out where the ads of your competitors appear

The trick is to not copy what they do, but experiment in a new area that is similar to the other major businesses in your industry. For example, if your competitor is using competitive PPC to run digital campaigns, then maybe you can opt for content production, Local Ads, or other internet marketing strategies that utilize internal linking or enable your website to get more traffic. It may not be the same thing as pay-per-click advertising but hey, you’re still experimenting, you’ll never know what might work best.

But if you don’t want to take the risk, asking for help from an agency offering digital intelligence is the most reliable course of action. They can seize new digital opportunities, drive the growth of your business, and do it much better than your competitors.


  • Bring more to the table

No one can ever resist a business that offers more than any other business in the industry. Whether it be a discount, loyalty card, free items, and any other promotions, you can cap the attention of customers. But, bringing more to the table means so much better than that. It means being consistent with your product or service, never losing touch with the already established market of your business, and keeping everything up and running.

To get started, you can identify the competitors that are now “bringing more to the table” and sign up for their email list. Find out what they offer then double it (with originality and higher quality). This can be a lot more expensive but trust me, it’s in unison with promising results.


Final thoughts

By utilising the tips and strategies discussed in this article, you can gain a competitive edge and see a significant improvement in your paid search performance. Remember to continually monitor and analyse your campaigns to stay ahead of the game and adjust your strategy as needed.

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