Social Media Lead Generation: How to Create a LeadGen Strategy for Facebook and Others

Social Media Lead Generation: How to Create a LeadGen Strategy for Facebook and Others

Social Media Lead Generation How to Create a LeadGen Strategy for Facebook and others

Social Media Lead Generation: How to Create a LeadGen Strategy for Facebook and Others

93.79% of businesses use social media. That’s not shocking. Social media offers streamlined methods to showcase your brand and products that will entice tons of customers. In that context, social media companies make a whopping $153 billion in 2021 from advertising small to big companies. This number is expected to grow to $252 billion or 61% by 2026. But let’s shift our focus to how Social Media Lead Generation can benefit your company and how you can get started.

What is Social Media Lead Generation?

Social Media Lead Generation is a process where local businesses can use social media channels to find, engage, and nurture leads. This is done by sharing related posts, building relationships with your audience through valuable content, and working closely with potential clients. 

The best benefit Social Media Lead Generation has is capturing the intent of your company and allowing you to create targeted ads for your target audience in a timely manner.  The last benefit may sound a little complicated to those new to social media lead generation but worry not! Because this blog will talk about how you can make a compelling Lead Generation Strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn! 

Best Lead Generation Strategies for Facebook

There are almost 3 billion active users of Facebook – which is why 93% of marketers use the platform for advertising. And you should too. To get started, here are the best Facebook Lead Generation Strategies you can do. 

  • Creating Facebook Lead Ads
  • Making a Facebook Business Page to showcase your brand
  • Adding CTA Button on your Facebook Business Page
  • Taking advantage of Facebook Bot
  • Promoting Lead Magnets on your Facebook Business Page

The most effective Facebook Lead Generation strategy stated is the first one: Creating Facebook Lead Ads. This is where Meta (the company created Facebook) allows individuals to find people interested in their brand and collect information from them. Facebook lead ads are done by creating an instant form that includes the name, email, and phone address of the potential client. 


Best Lead Generation Strategies for Instagram

Instagram is the best social media platform. It has a hyper-visual nature, full of creative people, offers non-intrusive ads, and it’s just so fun. Imagine scrolling all day long seeing pictures and videos again and again. No wonder its high engagement rate is a catch to many advertisers! The best Instagram Lead Generation Strategies are:

  • Utilising Instagram ads with highly engaging visual content
  • Producing Instagram stories consistently
  • Linking products to Instagram stories or posts
  • Making a perfect bio with a call-to-action button
  • Cooperating with many popular influencers

Instagram’s most advantageous Lead Generation Strategy is its ads. Advertisements on this platform can be done through Instagram posts or stories (both active features of the app). 


Best Lead Generation Strategies for Twitter

Twitter is considered better than Facebook when it comes to sharing trendy news, fruitful content, and helpful tips. It’s also where a lot of people lay their opinions on what’s currently happening. With this in mind, you can use the platform to strategically build personal connections with potential customers. Here are some Twitter Lead Generation strategies:

  • Using hashtags
  • Participating in Twitter Chats
  • Taking advantage of Twitter Advanced Search
  • Depleting Twitter ads
  • Sharing valuable and short but concise content

By implementing these lead generation strategies on Twitter, you can attract high-quality leads and drive more sales for your business.


Best Lead Generation Strategies for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is considered the best B2B Lead Generation Platform and for good reason. With more than 930 million members, surely, there is no shortage of potential clients on this platform. Here are some LinkedIn Lead Generation strategies you can implement:

  • Optimizing business profile
  • Building a network by connecting with clients
  • Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Creating and sharing valuable content with your audience
  • Engaging with leads and using automation tools

With LinkedIn, you can streamline your lead generation process and focus on connecting with high-quality leads that are most likely to convert into clients.


Final thoughts

Implementing Lead Generation Strategies has never been easier because of social media platforms. By making use of these channels; an abundance of leads, clients, and profits are certainly waiting for you. Now, in case you don’t know where to start, it’s suggested that you rally round on hiring a professional digital marketing agency to do everything for you. With a local lead generation agency, you can be a game changer, unlock the potential of your brand, and get a path to success!

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